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She speaks for a minority of immoral, reality TV, mindless pseudo intellectuals who have no concept of decent behavior. All the fertilized eggs were used when I had the procedures.

I used to be a feminist, but boy have I changed — and these antics anger me so much. Hot black girl tits. Also excluded were the mostly substantive criticisms of the very bad speech Fluke gave, by many, including Limbaugh before he went off on the infamous "blue" tangent. Sandra fluke naked. Of course you mean within the framework of whatever plan type they use.

This is an attack on all Christians and plants like Fluke are diversions from the real fight. We have taken the pill so that we can be financially responsible, so that children should we choose to have them they may be joys and not burdens that force us into wellfare or dire straights. How dare you make me by law put aside my religious beliefs against insurance!.

Every day we make it a little safer to be conservative — out in public — without fear of bad grades as a result of our views. Or does even common courtesy go out the window in the eagerness to save a few dollars? Contraception is only one facet of birth control. I would suggest that this edit remains in place. Have it funded by donors and people of your faith as opposed to letting all in and then hide behind your right to exercise your religious beliefs.

The Catholic Church remains true to its beliefs and the US govt withholds money from Catholic universities because of their stance on reproductive rights.

What happened to the doctors taking care of the poor of their area? Why does your moral superiority give you the right to lie about people you hate so much? Angela, thank you very much for completely disrespecting one of the virtues that makes Georgetown so great, our respect for civic discourse.

Clearly I feel your pain. Slutty lesbian pussy. B Petitioning our government is NOT a privilege but a right. You have that self-righteous, pompous attitude that thinks it has it all nailed down.

I will only talk about the background section but I feel his edits on the war on women show the same intent. You pay a premium that goes into a pool of money that is distributed as needed to cover health expenses for the people who buy the insurance. Not once did she say she was taking birth control pills. Sweetheart, you redefine the term dumb and hypocrisy. When can I sit in front of a congressional panel as a woman, and testify how I am mocked in the name of free contraception?

Posted by gerardvanderleun at March 11, And, in Europe, where they have multi-payer systems, private Catholic insurers do in fact cover birth control.

How the heck did they let that political activist in? In fact, your words make me far more sympathetic and receptive to those you criticize. One Response to Sandra Fluke: Is that the gold standard now in the USA…take what you can get and let someone else pay? I had given up hope that there were any young Catholics in Catholic universities, that were willing to stand up for what they believe.

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Jessica Simpson looks fantastic and good for her. Sigh — Angela, you do owe Sandra an apology for calling her names and making insulting sexual remarks. Suicide squad tits. In sum, this infringement on freedom due to the insurance mandate does nothing to enable people to buy or sell birth control pills.

I read pretty much of the comments on this blog. Also, has it occurred to her to have whoever she is sleeping with provide his own condoms?

Fertility for a woman diminishes quickly. What does your BS have to do with a Pig calling a woman a slut and a prostitute on the air waves and not apologizing?

Which brings me to my next point…. Toward the end of the article, when Politico is referenced, there should be a hyper link Politico to the Wikipedia page describing the online news source, as some readers may be unfamiliar with what Politico is. Sandra fluke naked. More of Lesley's ranting on subjects both political and mundane can be found on Twitterand she is sometimes funny over there too, but usually by accident. In fact, according to that profile, she graduated from college in One need not agree with her substantive position to support her right to respectful free expression.

The United States is not a Christian nation. IF the cysts become too large, a laparoscopy can be performed to have them removed from the ovary. Big tit granny clips. Can people tell what the article is about if the first page is printed out and passed around?

You are not oppressed. Clearly I feel your pain. How does that square with religious freedom? But maybe that tells the real story. I do believe that the Liberal Dogma about the pill has won me over. That way if you want to add it on your plan and your employer has issues with providing it then you can add it and pay a small upcharge for your needs.

And, as astounded as I am that I have to ask something this elementary of my fellow Hoyas, if you are going to claim to represent others, no matter which side you are on, please do your research. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner?

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Is the only thing better than women dependent on others for their birth control, is women dependent for everything? You have decided to write an article for attention and, presumably, for some form of compensation. Intelligence does not pick and choose what it wants to back up a point of view. Huge balloon tits. We left them there.

Just like John Edwards, this buffoon will stumble and fall soon.

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